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Ramona Wink is a child of the most high God who received God’s greatest gift of salvation and eternal life when she was 37 years old.Her story of being reborn and finding God’s love and plan for her life will inspire YOU to live the life that God has in store for YOU!

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While in high school and college, Ramona’s dream was to be a television news broadcaster. Twenty-five years later, God showed Ramona that His will for her life was/is to be a broadcaster. . . of the very best news ever told- the news of Jesus Christ! For five years, Ramona hosted a Christian television program called WALK THE WALK which aired on CTN stations across the country. She was also blessed to host an interview program called CONNECT.


    In this new season of her life, Ramona is reaching more and more people as God’s plan for her ministry continues to unfold. She is proclaiming the glorious good news of Jesus Christ at conferences, retreats and other Christian events. Ramona and her ministry partner, Sue Wilhite are also reaching many people in a very personalized way through their spiritual coaching. Ramona serves as a Stonecroft Women’s Ministry Speaker, was a Top 5 Speaker For ISN Works in 2012, has attended the Billy Graham School Of Evangelism and is a Billy Graham Ambassador. Her passion is to help people of all walks of life WALK THE WALK with Jesus!


Ramona has been honored to serve as the CLP for the 1st United Presbyterian Church in Morning Sun, Iowa for the past nine years. Before devoting herself to full time Christian ministry work, Ramona worked full time as an Assistant Vice-President of the Columbus Junction State Bank. She understands the many demands placed upon people in our fast paced society. Ramona gives people hope and help on how they find balance in their life. She inspires them to be all that God calls them to be and do all that God calls them to do!