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The Best Advertising Is By Word Of Mouth! Let Others Tell You How Blessed They Have Been To Hear Ramona Wink Share God's Messages Of Hope And Promise!   


Ramona Wink is by far the BEST Christian speaker I have ever heard!  Her speaking style is over-the-top!  The message she delivers is spirit-led and spirit-filled.  I love that she bases her talks on Bible Scripture and makes the Scriptures come alive through real-life stories.  When I heard her speak I was already a very strong Christian.  By the end of the conference I was on fire and passionately in love with Jesus.  She is very animated and captivates her audience like none other.  Ramona is instant in prayer.  I have never seen the Holy Spirit move in anyone as much as it moves in her.  The dynamics of the Holy Spirit moving in her and the humility she expresses, giving God all the glory, is a rich blessing to witness and experience! 


Sue Wilhite

I have known Ramona for the past four years and have heard her speak many times. I am always uplifted and encouraged by her message. She always has a practical and strong Word that is based on the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ramona is very personable and her message is always simple and straight forward and practical. She has a way of making it very understandable for her audience. I find that her messages touch me where I live and is so easy to apply to my daily life.

There is an urgency in her messages and she will encourage her audience to take action to make sure that they are living a life that is pleasing to God.

Ramona loves Jesus and that is very clear as she delivers what the Holy Spirit puts on her heart in a very passionate and personal way. You will be blessed too when you hear her speak. 


Tom Bond

Hearing Ramona speak is truly an AWESOME experience!! She is so INSPIRATIONAL!! She has been blessed to speak for our LORD and she gets the message across in simple, understandable words. She is so great at explaining Bible verses in everyday situations!! I have always believed in GOD and our Savior Jesus Christ, but when you listen to Ramona, you are just deeply filled and moved by the Holy Spirit. 
Ramona gave me a whole new perspective on reading the Bible daily. The more I have read it the more I want to read it. I started going back to church four or five years ago after listening to Ramona. Now I am very active in my church and have become a deacon. I love every minute of it. Ramona encouraged me to use my God-given gifts from God for God. (I had not been to church since I was a kid in high school. That was over 41 years ago.)
You will be blessed to hear Ramona Wink speak. She WILL change your life- for the better!!!

I am blessed,


Nancy Orr

Ramona Wink's teachings have been such a blessing to me. Ramona speaks in a very personal way. She uses examples in her own life that I can relate to my life. I have grown in my faith just by listening to Ramona speak. She has helped me deal with a very real issue in my life-fear. Whatever topic Ramona is speaking on,she gives Bible versus that relate to that topic. This is tremendously helpful. When I am dealing with a particular problem, I go to the Bible verses that Ramona has referred to and find an answer in God's Word to stand on.    Ramona's simple, personal and Bible based teaching is very effective. I feel as though Ramona is talking directly to me when she speaks. Ramona's words have deepened my faith, given me hope and have had a profound affect on my life! I always look forward to the next time that I can hear her speak. God gave her the right words to speak to me when I was going through a tough trial in my life and I am forever thankful for that!


Joyce Meyer

I am truly blessed to have heard Ramona Wink speak on several different occasions.  Ramona's passion and love for Jesus Christ radiates through her infectious smile and endless energy.  Her explanation of God's Word is simple, yet unbelievably powerful!  
For several years I've felt an emptiness inside that I couldn't seem to fill.  Since being introduced to Ramona, I have developed an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, which has helped me to fill that endless void.  I am now a frequent reader of the Bible, and I have learned to trust God in all aspects of my life. 


Trista Kluesner

When I had the privilege of hearing Ramona speak for the first time, I was at a low point in my spiritual walk and I felt very empty inside.  My heart was softened by Ramona’s caring nature and approachable demeanor as she related personally to me and other members of her audience.  She consistently used personal experiences to highlight and explain truths found in scripture.  I appreciated this approach because it made Biblical principles relevant to my everyday life. 

Ramona’s teaching spoke directly to my emptiness and brought forth life and hope.  She helped me see the truth of scripture and the love of God in such a way that I could return home and pass on these lessons to my friends and family.  The impact of Ramona’s words have lasted far beyond her original message; they have left an eternal impression on my heart and for that I am so very grateful.  I would definitely recommend Ramona as a speaker who delivers truths from the heart of God intended for this day and age.


Tammy Callaway

I have been blessed by the speaking of Ramona Wink as she believes what she says - she walks and talks the same wonderful story - the Good News of Jesus Christ! She is real and that is what the world (people of all ages) is looking for - REAL!

Ramona puts into ACTION what she talks! That is the Greatest Witness that we can give to others - letting your light shine brightly for Jesus - not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! In other words - you know what Ramona believes! She is REAL and serves her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, with a passion!


Donette Douglas
WTJR Station Manager

Ramona Wink is an inspirational and motivational speaker and teacher. She provids wisdom, words of encouragement and  timely reminders of God's favor and agape love that He has for all of His children.  Ramona's teachings have rejuvenated my spirit. She provided me with a "right on time" message that I needed during a very difficult time of loss.  She not only sympathizes but has a great deal of compassion and empathy.  My greatest "Ramona moment" is watching her connect to the people...meeting each person where they are at. She has a dynamic personality with a tender heart and a powerful voice.


Trecie Bolton

Ramona delivers simple, motivational messages. Life is so busy and we get all caught up in things that really don’t matter.  Ramona’s speaking taught me how to be happy in my everyday life; while on this earth to make memories with my family and friends. Whether I am in a valley or on top of the mountain, her message fits into my life.  Ramona speaks with enthusiasm about living out our walk with God.  Connecting with Ramona has helped me personally grow in my faith.  I highly recommend Ramona Wink as a speaker for any organization.


Tamie Cook