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Change can seem like the end. . . but change can be embraced as a NEW BEGINNING! As we journey through life, sometimes we face challenges that cause us to ask questions like: What path do I take? How do I go on? Why did this happen to me? Where is God during this trying time? Am I all alone?

Spiritual Coaches, Ramona Wink and Sue Wilhite are here to guide you through challenging and difficult times in God-inspired ways.

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  • Their mission is to help YOU and those with hurting hearts find healing, health and wholeness in Jesus Christ!

  • Ramona and Sue customize their Spiritual Coaching to YOU and YOUR needs.

  • Discover how to deepen YOUR relationship with God through prayer.

  • Learn about God’s promises and how to apply them to YOUR life.

  • Receive daily encouragement specific to YOU.

 This is one of the BEST INVESTMENTS you will ever make! It’s an INVESTMENT IN YOU!

- 30 Minute Sessions – $25.00/each

- 60 Minute Sessions – $50.00/each

Sessions can be held face to face, by phone or by email.

Here are some testimonials from those who have been recently coached by Ramona and Sue…

“Ramona and Sue provided wonderful life /spiritual coaching. With the help of God and prayer, they were able to create positive ways to deal with situations present in life. Their caring and comforting words of wisdom made me feel comfortable talking with them. Their guidance allowed me to better myself, and brought me closer to God. I would recommend talking with them if you are going through any sort of life struggle.”

“The gratitude I have for the Spiritual Coaching Ramona and Sue give is unbounded. When I call, they immediately have all the right words and phrases, in my hour of need, to turn my thought outward and upward instantly. I have called many times with always the same instantaneous results. They are always there with instant prayer. My problems have ranged from physical pain, relationship woes and self-condemnation to opportunities to share with them times of great joy and obvious God inspired actions. Their conviction of God’s ever presence and desire to “turn my mourning into dancing” is absolute. They are a delightful, direct, human link to our Heavenly Father and His precious Son, Christ Jesus. They will help you fill your empty cup to one that overflows, just like they have done for me.”

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Ramona & Sue

Ramona Wink(R)  & Sue Wilhite(L)
Spiritual Coaches

Cell: 319.212.0366


In Jeremiah 29:11, God says, “For I know the plans I have for YOU! They are plans for good and not disaster! Plans to give YOU a future and a hope!”