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Ramona Wink is a child of the most high God who received God’s greatest gift of salvation and eternal life when she was 37 years old.Her story of being reborn and finding God’s love and plan for her life will inspire YOU to live the life that God has in store for YOU!


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Spiritual Coaching

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Change can seem like the end. . . but change can be embraced as a NEW BEGINNING! As we journey through life, sometimes we face challenges that cause us to ask questions like: What path do I take? How do I go on? Why did this happen to me? Where is God during this trying time? Am I all alone?

Spiritual Coaches, Ramona Wink and Sue Wilhite are here to guide you through challenging and difficult times in God-inspired ways.

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Ramona Wink’s weddings are over the top! The most frequent comment by wedding guests is, “That was the BEST wedding I’ve ever been to!” Ramona gives all the glory to God! GOD IS LOVE! Ramona makes sure that every detail of the ceremony is personalized to the couple. There is nothing “canned” in the mix!

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You can be inspired by God through the messages
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If you would like to have Ramona Wink speak to your group or at your event/conference, please contact us to book your date today. The message that Ramona brings will be personilized and customized-God’s message for your group! Speaking fees are reasonable and negotiable.

Listen to what Herman Bailey has to say:

“God is not boring– Ramona Wink ‘got the memo’.

After our interview on national television, Ramona’s gift of communication and her vulnerability on a personal level opened the window for many watching to see God’s hand on her life. I highly recommend Ramona Wink for your next Christian conference or television program. She is an interviewer’s dream.”

Herman Bailey, Host & Executive Producer, Christian Television Network

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I am truly blessed to have heard Ramona Wink speak on several different occasions.  Ramona’s passion and love for Jesus Christ radiates through her infectious smile and endless energy.  Her explanation of God’s Word is simple, yet unbelievably powerful!
For several years I’ve felt an emptiness inside that I couldn’t seem to fill.  Since being introduced to Ramona, I have developed an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, which has helped me to fill that endless void.  I am now a frequent reader of the Bible, and I have learned to trust God in all aspects of my life.


Trista Kluesner